Gal not updating cached exchange mode effect dating to students

I checked the event viewer but there are not errors reported from the OAL generator, in fact according to the events it had rebuilt it successfully. Cached Exchange Mode can provide you with a better experience when you use Outlook.

If you’re an administrator, this article tells you about Cached Exchange Mode and Online Mode and helps you decide when to deploy each.If you decide to deploy Cached Exchange Mode, learn how to Configure Cached Exchange Mode.Thanks all, Dave Or even pulling them from Outlook.Why, when I initiate a "Download Address Book" it doesn't pick up the newly added user?Use of Cached Exchange Mode shields the user from network and server connection issues and facilitates switching from online to offline for mobile users.

Also, quite a number of features in Outlook require Cached Exchange Mode in order for them to work or to work better. Right click on Default Offline Address List and click on Rebuild. We have a number of laptops in the organization, and I've noticed that it takes a long time to updated everyone's GAL on their laptops (in cached mode) when I add a new distro group or user.Cached Exchange Mode is the premier configuration in Outlook.Most users will find that Cached Exchange Mode performs faster than online mode. At the moment we have an issue with the Global Address List.