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Bills (which of course can't be paid) are also muktzah.

How to approach it: Put away wallets, purses, and loose change before Shabbat begins.

The island of peace that you wish to reach can be achieved only through the beautiful silence of no ringing phones.How to approach it: You may want family and friends to know that you will be unavailable by phone during Shabbat.There is a prohibition against using electrical appliances on Shabbat – such as telephones, radios, and television.It also happens to be an area that, when observed, provides one of the most pleasurable aspects of Shabbat.When one learns the laws in a deep way and applies them within a Jewish lifestyle, halacha becomes not a restriction, but a direction.

And when paired with the beauty of "remember," the coupling opens up a world without limitations -- a world of endless depth and opportunity.

This foundation is the commandment to "guard" Shabbat, as detailed in halacha, Jewish law.

Yet the word halacha does not literally translate as "law," for it comes from the root halach, which means "to go," "to walk." Halacha means "a path." It is not about cold do's and don't's, but about movement.

To properly keep this important aspect of Shabbat, careful study is required.

Fires cannot be started or extinguished on Shabbat, and driving (which sparks and burns fuel) falls under this category. There is no greater feeling than just plain walking.

Plan to visit friends and neighbors nearby, or arrange to meet with them halfway, or at the park on Shabbat afternoon.