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Our mission has always been to facilitate the sharing of accurate science-based information about newts and salamanders, with an emphasis on their maintenance in captivity.

"We're trying to see if there's a path in the center that we may be able to achieve the Dream Act and border security in the right way." Durbin said the negotiations were not centered, yet, on government funding, saying the group is "seizing any available opportunity to move the Dream Act" it can and has been "in active negotiation for the last several weeks so essentially, both sides want it to seem like they did all they could to prevent this being a part of the funding bill, but it had to come to that. republicans: they backed us into a corner, and it was not worth having the gov't shutdown democrats: they left us with no choice except to use the only leverage we had. If you look at the circus that took place in 2013 the GOP was all at fault and benefited from the shutdown.The voters don't care that DC is put on a forced vacation for a few days, those bastards gained seats next election.To gain full access to Skadi Forum you must register for a free account.As a registered member you will be able to: All this and much more is available to you absolutely free when you register for an account, so sign up today! Y.) is predicting Congress will be able to pass legislation this year to protect a key group of immigrants after Republicans ruled out including a deal in the December government funding bill.

"I am confident that there is strong bipartisan support in Congress to get the [DREAM Act] passed before the end of the year," Schumer said in a tweet on Thursday.

4x4 Response is the National 4x4 Response Network - an umbrella organisation across the country.

It is a charity set up to pull together the individual teams, to provide a National brand, to help new teams, to negotiate, co-ordinate and develop relationships nationally.

Anyone wishing to register or form a new group is asked to a) use the 'contact form' and b) register on the national forum There is always discussion and information on the forum regarding the formation of new groups.

Please note that most areas in the UK are covered by teams and we will only have one team in any one area - if you feel that little is happening in your area please talk to us before setting anything up.

Caudata Culture is the world's premier salamander and newt care and information resource, and arguably better than any book.