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The main reasons men gave for faking an orgasm is that they wanted the sex to end as achieving orgasm was unlikely but did not want to hurt the feelings of their partner.

In this study, accuracy was varied (for example, one man suggesting that his partner never faked orgasm, and his partner suggesting that she faked orgasm 100% of the time), but the general moderate accuracy of men in detecting fake orgasm suggests that it may be an evolutionary counter-adaptation by men in order to not be fooled into believing female attempts at implying commitment (monogamy) and in order to detect the true satisfaction levels of the female partner.

Some research has indicated that women who fake orgasm frequently have also been shown to display other mate retention behaviors, which include: Mate guarding (e.g.

paying attention to who the partner is spending time with and often checking up on them), inter-sexual negative inducements (flirting with another individual whilst their partner is looking), positive inducements (e.g.

and not all sexual positions provide access to the clitoris, which often makes orgasms difficult to achieve for women.

For women in heterosexual relationships, faking an orgasm can also based on deference to the man, need for his approval, or feelings of shame or sexual inadequacy.

Commitment manipulation is a mate-retention technique in itself, often displayed by a partner when there is a perceived risk of infidelity.

there is limited research into this area with no current evidence suggesting that men fake an orgasm to retain a mate.

In therapy or counseling, women are more likely to inaccurately portray their sexual behavior (such as by claiming to orgasm when they do not) to a male therapist than to a female one, although women may still withhold the same information from female therapists.

If a female has sex with many partners (employing a polygamous mating strategy) her aim may be to secure benefits from multiple males, such as resources, whilst aiming to only reproduce with males of high-genetic quality.

One study of orgasm found that women who fake orgasms were more likely to neglect their partners and flirt with other men at social gatherings.