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Before long you will cross a short bridge () over the Sendai-bori canal.

Umibe-bashi is from where the poet Basho set off in 1689 on the travels during which he wrote his 'Oku no Hosomichi' anthology.

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Kiyosumi Teien is a superbly laid out and impeccably kept jewel of Japanese landscaping.

Kiyosumi Teien is set out in what is called the sukiya style: i.e.

Walking south down Kiyosumi-dori Avenue just after crossing Umibe-bashi Bridge, you will see on your left (i.e.

the eastern side of the street) a temple with a red archway for an entrance.

Back out on the main street of Kiyosumi-dori Avenue, and right across the avenue is the exquisite Kiyosumi Teien Gardens: the landscape gem of Koto ward.

Turn right up Kiyosumi-dori, cross the street and take the first left.The Fukagawa Edo Museum is an indoor reconstruction of the surrounding Fukagawa area as it was in 19th century Edo (i.e. For 400 yen for adults, and only 50 yen for children, you can wander through what lamplit and motorless Tokyo must have been like.The scene is dominated by an old wooden fire tower by the 'canal,' and comprises warehouses, stores, stalls, a tenement house - and even garbage and lavatories (no - not the real thing!However, it soon became familiarly known as Fukagawa Enma-do, or "Fukagawa Enma Hall." And it is this Enma Hall inside the temple that gives the temple its special flavor, as much now as ever.Enma is the Japanese Buddhist version of what to begin with was the Hindu god Yama: god of the dead.a pond inhabited by birds and with three small islands.