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If your baby has no hearing difficulties, you can still use signs based on British Sign Language but there's no reason why you can't make up your own signs. Any gesture that obviously mimics the meaning of the word works well, for example: As with any new skill, it's important to stay at your baby's pace and keep it fun. Try searching online for baby signing classes near you. To learn more about formal signing systems, visit the following websites: Acredolo L, Goodwyn S. The idea of taking this one step further, and teaching babies a range of signs, was inspired by child development expert, Dr Joseph Garcia.

He found that hearing babies of deaf parents easily copied their parents' signs and used them to communicate. LOL Oh look: I have 9 amazingly varied open questions & several Q&A's in voting All tailor made for creative writers like you to enjoy over those snacks Several flavours of yogurt in the fridge Always good variety of fruit cocktail ingredients, mueslis, hot drinks mixes, etc What ya waiting for?take a look penelope I found this really good dating site.Try to make sure your baby is looking at you, so that he's concentrating on what you are saying, as well as what you are doing. Most young children will naturally pick up gestures or actions, like waving bye-bye or when joining in on nursery rhymes.They’ll enjoy this long before they know the words! " This way, you spend more time chatting about what interests your little one, which is a great way to help him learn to talk.However, some people find that meeting other parents while you do it can be a lot of fun.