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In the past, these sex pests had to run around in trench coats in order to flash random people.

But now they can use technology to digitally expose themselves.

For starters, this is static photo-sharing (not video) so the hardcore exhibitionists will probably look elsewhere to get their kicks.

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In return you receive a random rando — also from a random user, with only a general location such as ‘Moscow’ for context. All Rando photos are framed within circles — to give a peep-hole effect, says ustwo, as well as to create a distinctive design element to distinguish the “rando brand”. mobile games and app developer studio ustwo, creator of games and apps like Whale Trail and Mouth Off to name a couple, has launched a new photo-sharing app called Rando. In other words, each of your photos (‘randos’) is randomly sent to another user (you never know who gets it).Although Air Drop makes file sharing more convenient, it may also leave your device vulnerable to unwanted content.Luckily, it's easy to turn this setting off or limit who can send you pictures and videos.The app doesn’t support pure voyeurists either since you can’t just view other people’s randos. That said, random photo-sharing does offer almost no social checks and balances (apart from, presumably, having your account suspended if your randos get flagged as filth) so the kind of content that can be shared is obviously less straitjacked by who you are and who your friends are than most photo sharing apps.

And that is a big is part of ustwo’s rational for making the app.Specifically it says it wanted to find out what would happen …when you cannot communicate between users in this social-media world that we’re living in today?Are users still going to be incentivised if they have no way of patting each other on the back with likes?Setting aside sending and viewing randos (and waiting to receive them), all you can currently do is delete received randos so they don’t live forever in your stack, or flag a rando as inappropriate — always a risk with apps that let strangers swap visual messages.Still, the risk of Rando being with porn, a la Chatroulette or the early days of Vine, seems fairly low.Everyone means that anyone within range can send you a share request. Unfortunately, most people have their devices unknowingly set to Everyone.