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So, rather than wait in vain for someone else to finally speak the honest truth about the single-payer system, I’ll just have to do it myself.

• with the unsubtle headline “Blunt doctor gets in trouble.” The article detailed the travails of an elderly North Carolina eye doctor named Earl Sunderhaus who opened a 21st-century Pandora’s Box when he poked a patient in the thigh and informed her that she was too fat.

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1 cause of blindness in this country,” Sunderhaus said. Sunderhaus said he feels it is his responsibility as a physician to tell his patients to live healthier lives and that obesity and diabetes are costing the country millions of dollars. “Telling this lady that she is fat is the truth, and it’s for her own good health,” Sunderhaus said.“She should be taking better care of herself, and it will be cheaper for us as a society.” Eccentricities aside, Dr.It’s completely egalitarian, it’s altruistic, and it’s free, they say. • Well, opponents of universal health care have focused on one particular objection to the idea, conclusively demonstrating that it’s not free at all.It’s “free” only in that the government inserts itself as a middleman into the payment system, so that you pay for your health care indirectly in the form of higher taxes to the government which then turns around and gives the money to doctors and hospitals — rather than individuals paying the doctors and hospitals directly. But someone has to pay for the medical care, and under the single-payer concept, that someone is Uncle Sam.It’s never socially acceptable to assign blame for people’s medical problems — especially blame on the patient.

But I’m not afraid to confess that I’m a judgmental person.But since Uncle Sam gets all his money from American taxpayers …you end up footing the bill anyway, and also footing the bill of a vast new government bureaucracy.And for that reason, the opponents of socialized medicine never even mention the real flaw in the concept that nags the unconscious of most Americans: Not all ailments are equal.• A built-in false assumption with the health-care debate is that sickness is always no-fault sickness.And I’m pretty confident that most Americans who oppose socialized medicine share this same judgment: that some people are partly or entirely to blame for their unwellness. The problem with discussing STDs is that the discussion always gets muddied with moral issues. On a purely cost-analysis level, STDs are a significant unnecessary society-wide medical expense.