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It also unscrews from the base for moving on to a standard tripod mount of your own if desired.

The arm of the camera is mounted on a swivel so you can position it upright or laying flat for the various mounting options, and the camera itself can be repositioned 360 degrees for example on the base, so it’s possible to adjust what the camera is capturing without having to remount the entire unit. Some use batteries, which makes them portable, but for a home setup and the benefit of always on recording (more on that below), dealing with the power cable on Nest Cam is worth the trade-off.

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But is the new Nest Cam worth an upgrade from your current Dropcam setup?

And how does the product compare to the other connected home security-cam and all-in-one security devices on the market?

On mobile you can’t record or share a clip and navigating the timeline for recorded footage is clunky at best, making it difficult to pinpoint a specific moment when browsing over a long period of recorded video.

It’s better with the web app on desktop where you can quickly and easily make clips for sharing purposes, but I still found the UI for navigating the timeline a bit cumbersome.

You have to plug in the camera, so you’ll want to have an outlet relatively close by (it comes with a 3 meter USB cable and wall adapter for power), but the design gives you a few options for positioning and mounting.

The base is magnetic and comes with a screw-on wall mount or can optionally sit upright on a desk or other flat service.

Download the app, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and a few minutes later your cam is connected and ready to live stream and record.

But that also means you can expect a few hiccups or necessary restarts if your network happens to not be playing nice at the moment.

Clips can be an hour in length, and you can store up to 3 hours of clips, otherwise they’ll get turned into time-lapse videos.

I didn’t have any break-ins during my review unfortunately, so I shot some time-lapse videos instead: And for those that are already using the Nest apps for managing other Nest devices, like the thermostat or fire alarm, having the convenience of accessing the Nest Cam from the same place is an added bonus, and you can set up rules to have Nest Cam kick on and off related to activity from other Nest devices.

You get a free 30-day free trial, but after that you’ll need a 10-day video history plan for /month or 0/year, or a 30-day video history plan for /month or 0/year.