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Some examples of cyberbullying include: Cyber bullying statistics UK show that 70% of young people have been a victim of cyberbullying at some point, according to Ditchthe

This study also showed that 37% of young people deal with cyberbullying frequently.

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Now how if you lack an adequate amount of financing to equate your soaring needs?The statistics of bullying occurrences within the UK are disturbing, and they show how prevalent the bullying problem has become across the country.The following are some of the bullying statistics from recent studies: Bullying statistics show that bullying is a common problem in UK schools, and according to the Tellus4 National Report, 46% of children and teens say they have been bullied at some time while they were at school.All of these statistics show that bullying in schools is a serious problem that has a big impact on students.The Guardian published an article that cited a study that showed that UK schools have a higher rate of bullying than other schools across Europe.Another type of bullying that has become more prevalent with advancements in technology is cyberbullying.