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STANTON: And so Buddy puts Steve on this board and when something comes up, you know, Steve’s supposed to do what he’s told. PHONE ANTONSON: Well it was different, I’ll tell ya.

And he said, would it surprise you to know been there 780 times in the last four years. Because obviously Egbert was trying to make the argument that Ead lost money at the casino and that’s where the money went, it didn’t go to Buddy.

ZAC: This became the central question in the trial: did the money actually make it into Buddy’s hands?

We’re violating some kind of fire ordinance in here. And what is contained in this, it’s nothing but lies, it’s allegations and I’m not involved. I’m gonna fight it as long as I can and as far as I can. REPORTER: Mayor, mayor emotionally what’s this day been like for you when you found out? TAPE TONY FREITAS: Five hundred bucks alright for now? ZAC: The prosecution played tapes of city officials accepting bribes. ZAC: Prosecutors had flipped many corrupt officials caught on tape and their first witness was a guy you might remember: David Ead.

Anyway, my name is Buddy Cianci and I’m the mayor of Providence. And this will be one of the biggest challenges that I’ve ever had in my life or will ever have. I will go all the way to the Supreme Court, the Hague. NEWS: David Ead, was on the stand and all the tapes played today involved Ead and Antonio Freitas, the Providence businessman who worked undercover for the FBI.

As you know I’ve been indicted by federal prosecutors today. Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci has just been indicted on 27 criminal counts including, racketeering, conspiracy, witness tampering and extortion. TAPE DAVID EAD: When I bring the big ten down to him, the doors will be open for you like you can’t believe. NEWS: He said he arranged three bribes totalling ,000 for Mayor Cianci. The jury listened as Buddy told a city official not to cooperate with a federal investigation.

BUDDY: Many of you have commented on the length of the indictment and I have it here. TAPE FREITAS: I don’t mind giving the mayor ten grand. Ead said Cianci instructed him to deliver the bribe money to Cianci aides.

NEWS 1: It was a long day but as the participants including Mayor Cianci let the courthouse, they knew there would be many more long days ahead.

NEWS 2: So on Monday, the next witness will be Christopher Ise, he’s the man who admitted paying a 00 bribe to get his job at City Hall.

ARCHIVAL: Stay with you, your nonstop news source for the most complete Plunder Dome coverage, ABC will bring you hourly updates for the duration of the Plunder Dome trial. ZAC: During the trial Buddy was still the mayor…running the city and being Buddy. BUDDY: (laughing) ZAC: Back at the trial, the prosecution called their next witness.

This is him with radio host Don Imus, broadcasting live from the Biltmore Hotel in Providence. STANTON: Probably the worst moment for Buddy was after Steven Antonson testified about the University Club. STANTON: Steve Antonson was a kid who loved politics and he went down and volunteered for one of Buddy’s first campaigns.

And then you see Buddy’s key henchmen on tape taking the bribes. So you say you have anything on you, I thought I made that clear when I said I was not guilty.