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In particular version 6.0.1 or higher of the encoder. You’ll see a screen that looks like this: Let’s walk through the four main buttons available here. It is pretty straight forward in that it’s either active or muted.When clicked, a strike through will appear on the microphone and the audio will be muted.

However, the Wirecast Cam app is actively sending this video signal to the encoder.

This can cause a inflated need for a higher bitrate.

Please note that simply because you have a high bitrate here does not mean you will be live streaming to viewers at that rate.

The Wirecast encoder and the Wirecast Cam app would both need to be synced to achieve this.

Note that, depending on your settings, you might get a prompt to allow access through your firewall, as seen to the right. When you have connected successfully, click the red X in the upper left.

Now, once again, below the preview windows hover over the icon next to a “blank shot”.The audio button is, curiously, another way to mute the stream separate of the on-panel option to mute.Finally, the IP address is important and something you will need to jot down.The button doesn’t change to signify which camera is being used, but it should be obvious from the preview window.This is the important aspect of the app to look at. They include: The resolution, key frame interval and bitrate are related to the quality of the stream.Generally you don’t want the bitrate to exceed half of your internet upload speed.