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He’d been the junk yard dog and she’d been the pampered show pup.

Sometimes he wonders why she was the one to bite their master.

Yoosung doesn’t get mad, he just asks her about her day, asks her if she wants to cook or order in.

But then Yoosung turns to him and says something stupid and kind and beautiful and he .Sometimes he wonders if she lost Yoosung would she still be this person.In most cases, PEP stops HIV from establishing itself in the body and will prevent you from becoming HIV positive.To be effective, the treatment needs to be started as soon as possible in the first 72 hours after exposure.The treatment needs to be taken correctly and daily over the next 28 days.

PEP is different from Pr EP, or 'pre-exposure prophylaxis', as PEP is taken a potential exposure.

In BC, PEP is available free of charge if someone has been exposed to HIV in their workplace (like a needle stick injury) or if someone has been sexually assaulted and may have been exposed to HIV.

Non-occupational exposure PEP (called n PEP) is available free of charge if someone has been exposed to HIV through consensual adult sex or sharing of drug use equipment.

He had hoped Yoosung wouldn’t mention any of that to Jisu.

Jisu didn’t have mental health milestones, she just had bad days and good days, and no one worried that she was going to hurt herself when she had a bad day.

He’d been playing games with Yoosung when she came in and frowned and took the controller out of Yoosung’s hand.