Forum for dating

So if you really want to see true insanity on a date site, go to plenty of fish.

If you're looking for a reasonably equal match, you're wasting your time. Of course they instantly got defencive and I was subjected to a lynch mob of mainly middle aged women clearly sucking admin cock to gain praise...

I think the mods themselves are single guys, hailed as martyrs for their work in volunteering to help people find happiness.

There are numerous threads where users have indicated that the ads freeze their Firefox browsers--why on Earth would you then recommend that people change to *this* browser? ---------------------------------------- POF is just a play site.

Most people consider it little more than a sex site.

The spat with the POF admins, the sudden realisation I'd used the same password for POF as I had for my email except for one capital letter, which no doubt, the perpetrator had guessed. It is highly likely POF admins HACKED my personal online accounts.

For suggesting the possibility of pranks played on me by admins.

I believe my encounter was also with tickettoride though I fail to recall the name of the other admin.

Important: I did not directly accuse anyone of hacking me.

I am looking for a serious relationship and that's hard to find a woman who wants that these days..

and there are a LOT of female game players who are bitter and angry and don't know what they want.. they don't even bother reading my profile they just see my face pic and start trying to chat me up even though I say i'm not interested in men.

The site is so full of angry, bitter women i feel sick when i have bothered to look at these forums.