Former patient dating

The AMA would see dating the family member of a former patient as even more removed. 9 February 2017 Your friend, who is also a doctor in the same unit, has posted Facebook photos of a drunken date.

See, if the daughter, as a medical proxy, is suddenly called into the need to make decisions for her mother and those decisions are influenced by the person she is in a relationship with, that calls into question all the ethical issues of being involved with the actual patient (the person making the medical decisions).

Once the mother is no longer under the care of the physician, the AMA is more permissive with doctors even dating their own patients.

They published an article called Opinion 8.145 Sexual or romantic relations between physicians and key third parties. In one example, if you are a pediatrician working with a 3 year old child, dating that child's mother is going to probably cross the line if the relationship was developed based on the treatment.

The main issue, as always, is refraining from sexual or romantic relationships when it is based on 'the use or exploitation of trust, knowledge, influence, or emotions derived from a professional relationship.' The situation is the patient is fully capable of making all their own medical decisions, the daughter is simply moral support throughout hospital stay but is health care proxy in event of unforeseen situation. So can the daughter date the surgeon without any legal or professional ramifications to the physician?

I have show to you the opinion that they drafted, and as you can see, it's pretty vague.

There is not a complete bar to this sort of relationship. Obviously, the situation you describe is not the same as the doctor dating the mother of a 3 year old patient.There are ethical rules about doctors dating or engaging in sexual contact with current patients. The rules are even less clear when you are talking about former patients.The issue becomes using one's position as the medical doctor essentially to cultivate such relationships with current or recent former patients.You must be clear, honest and objective about the reason for your concern.More information can be found in the GMC's guidance Maintaining a professional boundary between you and your patient and Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety.While the mother is still receiving medical care, the safest course is to not engage in a relationship.