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They’re allured by the cure and crust — a mixture of toasted cloves, coriander, allspice, and black pepper.“The smell of spices takes me back!

” kvells Sheila.“I wax nostalgic when I smell cigar smoke and pastrami,” adds Marilynn, recalling the scent of her Uncle Julius’s pastrami sandwiches.

Sometimes they'll use a variation of the line, "the stars in your eyes reflected in the nocturnal dark waves of the Aegean Sea". If you're lying stoned on a sofa, you will be definitely more relaxed and maybe less opposed to a flirt.

Yet in Berlin, it's used all the time when someone wants to avoid directness.

Everyone knows that the metro stops running at 1 am, but you might still wind up every now and again in Friedrichshain at 2 am, although you live in Neukölln or Wedding.

Of course Germans can flirt; hopefully we've at learned that by now. It can simply be meant platonically while you discuss current political issues or the latest HBO series.

They're maybe not the best at it, but depending on blood alcohol levels and individual creativity, all nationalities can be bad flirts. And a rejection doesn't hurt as much as it would otherwise. This strategy also falls under the category of 'all time favourite' because it's not pushy and almost everyone likes to watch films.

Added to this are complementary jacuzzis that are especially alluring on cold nights.

If you aren't interested, you only have to say that you need to be going back home.Another downside: It's hard to give someone you've brought home with you a slice of stale rye bread.But allegedly people who perform kitchen wonders at 4 am do exist...10. Getting a glimpse into other people's flats is interesting, especially when they have friendly flatmates.This strategy works in all countries where communal living is the preferred among young people.It's just important to make sure you've cleaned up a bit beforehand.The guest bed is the most unromantic argument to go home together. Probably because it comes across just as it sounds. The dating culture in New York is complex and unfathomable, even for the residents of the style capital of the United States. (Insert whatever) It is often claimed that Italians are especially active at flirting.