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Here is the most recent patch for Wolfenstein updating the game to v1.2.

This patch resolves issues and fixing bugs such as the dedicated server ping listing and other tweaks. Patch Notes v1.2 -Players will now receive their proper gold and stats at the end of the match instead of occasionally losing their gold and upgrades -New legal text -Global chat is now UNavailable in spectator mode -Objective explosions don’t count towards team kills (they will however still kill a player) -The dedicated servers will now sort correctly by ping -A waiting bar has been added when waiting for the servers to appear -When the player goes into the game, the auto-assign selection is highlighted gold instead of black -Competition mode (all unlocks available, option to turn off the arrows above enemy players) -MP43 and MP40 are adjusted in terms of damage, range and accuracy.

Installation: After downloading the update, double click on EAWUpdate1_5to install.

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* Fixed a broken LOD1 on electricity pylon object * Fixed player receiving damage from ragdolls.* Decoupled basic speed-mode movement speed from current suit energy level. * Fixed bolting/pumping sound not playing when firing shotgun, precision rifle and gauss rifle in scope view.* If climbing a ladder while cloaked, energy no longer depletes at the same rate as if player were standing still.* Mouse cursor will no longer be permanently removed on attaching gamepad.* Fixed a number of memory leaks with some procedural vegetation and destroyable objects physicalization.

* Fixed issue in windowed mode where the map or weapon attachment UI cursor can leave the game window.

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This is the second v1.2 patch for the critically acclaimed Crysis.