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Several years back, PBS, Public Broadcasting, began showing a few videos that have been produced about the life of Richard L “Dick” Proenneke.

His life in the ranching business probably helped him understand nature and wildlife on an intuitive level, and his life as a carpenter and mechanic probably prepared him with the self-sufficiency needed for the next phase of his life.He retired at age 51 to Twin Lakes, living as a naturalist, nature cinematographer, and scientific observer in the remote Alaska wilderness.Alone in the Wilderness Alaska Silence and Solitude The Frozen North Recently, Bob Swerer Productions has released Alone In The Wilderness Part II.Here is a seven minute excerpt from Part II: Both the first and second videos from the “Alone in the Wilderness” series depict Dick woodworking, but I highly recommend watching all four, or even purchasing the videos from Dick One of the first things you’ll notice is that Dick has to prepare the cabin site.For many, this is an excellent opportunity to see a trained carpenter from the old school, go about his work with hand tools, and without drawings.

Knowing what he wants to do, seeing it in his minds eye, using his skills and developing the materials available right there at his cabin site.

In 1999, Dick returned to the States to live with his brother in Southern California, Returning only once for a short visit during the summer of 2000, to dedicate his Cabin to the National Parks Service.

The cabin is now maintained in the state Dick left it, as a historical site and museum.

Among the many things Dick was, he was a very talented woodsman and woodworker.

The first forty minutes of the largely autobiographical video “Alone in the Wilderness” depict him building his cabin from the spruce logs he felled the year before.

Most people who have seen any of these, have more than likely seen Alone in the Wilderness.