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Iltaisin ohjelmassa on showesityksiä ja elävää musiikkia. Lisämaksusta voit varata puolihoidon tai kaikki ateriat ja paikalliset juomat sisältävän all inclusiven.

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There was a also a reissue of the Dead Excitement 7" on Bunkerpop Records a while back. Anthology 1980-1985 Jos de Groot - vocals Marcel Uffing - guitar Heino L'Ortye - bass Rob van Asperen - drums All songs recorded at Rosegarden studio, Utrecht, Netherlands. They formed in 1982 (originally called Soldiers Of Anarchy) and released one album in 1984 entitled Anofeli Epiviosi (Futile Survival) on Enigma Records.They also contributed two tracks for the compilation Diataraxi Koinis Isyhias (Disruption Of Public Peace).Erinomaisella paikalla sijaitseva Be Live Adults Only Tenerife vastaanottaa vain yli 16-vuotiaita hotellivieraita.Puerto de la Cruzin keskustan ravintolat, baarit ja kaupat ovat lyhyen kävelymatkan päässä ja Playa Jardinin laavahiekkainen ranta on myös lähellä hotellia.This may actually be my favorite record to come out of the whole early '80s LA punk scene.

This is ripped from the extremely rare CD version, which was released the same time as the LP, but never repressed for whatever reason.Recorded in 1983 and originally released on Johanna Records.This rip is from the 2001 re-issue CD and contains all the tracks from the band's other 7"s, three tracks from the band's second full length, Käärmeet (1984), as well as one demo track and one live track. I've listened to this stuff countless times and it never fails to amaze me.The INFEST 2x CD has been revised for better sound quality.This has a much better sounding rip of the Mankind 7", as well as various comp tracks. Since i tend to spin a lot of dark music during the month of October, i figured i'd share some of my favorites here. All rips are from the CD versions (in many cases here, they're actually harder to find than the vinyl), and most have loads of great bonus tracks. Hope you dig it, and if any of it's new to you, hopefully you'll be as blown away as i was when i first heard this stuff. Shit, since age 5 i've been infatuated with Black Sabbath, and can remember playing Hand of Doom over and over thinking it was the greatest thing ever.The only real flaw that i can hear is a slight skip in the song Plastic, but other than that i'm finally happy with it. During art school at the end of the '80s, i was turned onto stuff like Rudimentary Peni, 45 Grave, Septic Death, Undead etc. After that came Bauhaus, X-Mal, Christian Death (i'll never forget how floored i was when i heard Only Theatre of Pain for the first time), Sisters of Mercy, The Sound, Kommunity FK and loads more.