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Because this is a non-commercial site, we cannot accept reviews from kit manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, or importers.We do accept other information (kit lists, basic kit data, etc.) from manufacturers, retailers, etc. We prefer reviews from people who have actually built the kit.

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Hobby retailers may display this information as a consumer guide, but may not sell it.Commercial use requires explicit permission of the authors.This list is intended to include all plastic and resin model ship kits.From the beginning, this list was intended to be a non-commercial site, in the tradition of the pre-commercialized internet.His modelling tastes seem to be ecclectic, like my own, and he has reviewed a wide variety of kits.

(DRW)ME == Michael Emmerich ([email protected]) Michael is a net.friend of long standing.We started the list over pizza and root beer while we were still both employed there.Rajen has become busy with business and family in recent years (as of 2004) so he hasn't been doing much ship modelling lately. (DRW)RD == Rod Dauteuil ([email protected]) Rod is another "good guy" who has helped me in numerous ways.I haven't tracked down all the old versions yet, (they go back to the mid 1990s!) but here are the release dates on some past versions. Datta ([email protected]) Rajen is a fellow escapee from Bell Labs.Most of us actually like the model industry, and we're happy that they support our hobby.