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At Christmas, they open up their studio to be the hottest space in Santa’s workshop, and allow guests to feel the full glassblowing experience, all 2000 degrees of it.

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With the colors applied, the glass goes into the furnace to melt together.

Each time it is withdrawn, the artist helps to give it a shape and then it is returned to the furnace again to continue the melting process.

When the melting is complete, the artist blows a gentle puff of air into the end of the blowpipe and the shape of the ornament begins to form.

As the globe begins to grow and take shape, the artist takes over in shaping the glass with tools and adding a glass hook to the top of the ornament.

The glass is like liquid and will fall off the blowpipe if it is not in constant motion, so careful concentration is needed for first time glass blowers.

Fortunately, the artists are a step away and worked to let us have as much of the experience as possible, all while keeping us from messing it up in a blob on the floor.

With the help of the artist, a glob of glowing molten glass is extracted from the furnace, and the color chips are applied while constantly turning the glass.

Once you get over the fear of the furnace, this is the biggest challenge of the experience.

In some cases, there is an additional step involving the fun of blowtorching the ornament, which makes the whole process a bit more extreme, and even more fun.