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You can choose your own type of women, whether for an evening or a week, whether the same model each time, building on your connection, or a new model every time, finding new excitement in the beauty of each new face.

You have choices, for variety or connection, and absolutely no obligations, danger, stress, pressure or health concerns.

Knowing that you can leave anytime without dramas can take the pressure off you both, and allow you to truly enjoy each other's company in a longer-than-usual relationship, because you owe each other nothing.

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A travel companion is someone who will either meet you in another city while you are on a business trip or vacation, or someone who will travel to visit you in your own locale.

This is a common question among gentlemen who are too busy to meet people.

You are a vital, sensual, sociable person who is just working on his career or company, and with no time to socialize.

Whether you're working in London, living in New York, visiting Los Angeles, schmoozing around Paris or banking in Zurich, you can absolutely meet women without any difficulty.

So how Hopefully that list can give you a good base on where you can meet beautiful women in your city.Some ladies like to date casually, and some are ultimately looking for someone they can link with, whether as a benefactor or as a boyfriend.Finding a good introduction agency can be difficult, depending on what kind of woman you're looking for.If you are looking for a short meeting, go to any by-the-hour company who will give you a large selection of girls available to call to your hotel or home for a drink.Those are some of the things to look for when booking a genuine courtesan or elite travel companion.The MAIN BENEFIT of entering into this relationship arrangement, is that there is no obligation. If, at the end of your arrangement, you decide there is no future, or no need for you to keep the relationship going, you simply close the arrangement.