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"Some professors are notorious for having sex with their students.Everyone knows who they are."nderstandably, professors are not cheered by the sometimes unkind stories that are spread about them.

This will not only change the role of women in society, getting them a better deal in both public and private life - it could also revolutionize our power structures, big business, the sex industry, government, marriage, education and almost everything we do.

t first, Ross Franklin didn't notice that Wellesley College women were stalking him. He didn't realize until a friend pointed it out to him that the women were actually planning these coincidences.

"Part of that independence is liberation from boxes that women might have been placed in.

A lot of Wellesley is about breaking out of those boxes.

That encourages a more liberated, a more independent attitude among the students." The result is a climate of sexual experimentation where no woman, or man — including professors, kitchen staff and campus police officers — is off-limits."It was a challenge to be straight at a school like that," says Melanie Herman, a 1999 graduate who now works on Wall Street.

So women at Wellesley who do choose to date men but have given up on the "Fuck Truck" — the bus that runs to Harvard and MIT, both about forty-five minutes away — have to find whoever is available. Different academic departments have different reputations. "Some of the departments are a little racy and some are a little more tame," says senior Sandra North.

The college is universally recognized for its academic excellence — it consistently ranks among the top five liberal-arts colleges in the country, and the school has produced a disproportionate number of CEOs.

Corporate is a word that often comes up when people talk about the reputation of Wellesley grads.

As one Wellesley humanities professor puts it, "The public perception is that someone from Smith is more likely to go on to head the National Organization for Women than someone from Wellesley, and that someone from Wellesley would be more likely to be the head of Citibank than someone from Smith — and the business world tends to be pretty conservative."And, of course, the sexual mores have changed drastically from the days when men were allowed in dorm rooms only if the door was left open and the caller's feet remained on the floor.

While other women's colleges in Massachusetts, such as Smith and Mount Holyoke, have come to be known for large lesbian populations, Wellesley has managed to avoid that image.

They would bump into him as if by accident as he came out of his classes and casually strike up conversations. "Anywhere else, if a girl likes you, she'll come up to you and be very direct about it," says Ross.