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For example, you can use the included Flipboard app to read articles, watch videos, and follow feeds posted by your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In friends.

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You can use this class to style your smileys differently from other post images.For example, it's not uncommon to set up images in a post to appear on the left-hand side of the content with text flowing around the image.Inserting Emoticons in Chats Typing Out Emoticons Community Q&A If you want to express emotions online, look no further than your keyboard.Emoticons use punctuation to express emotion and emoji are more sophisticated pictures and faces that express emotion.If you aren’t currently a member of a social network, visit its website and sign up first.

Currently supported sites include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google , Google Reader, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, 500px, Sina Weibo, Renren, and You Tube. From the Home screen, press the Menu key, tap Settings, tap Accounts and Sync, and select the account that you want to remove.If you want to let others know that you're angry or upset about something, there are a wide variety of angry emoticons and emoji to choose from.In addition to making phone calls, playing games, and listening to your favorite tunes, you can use your Galaxy S III for social and business networking, as well as keep up with the news of the day.First, you can use the Internet app to go directly to the SNS web site, just as you would with your computer.Second, each service offers a free, dedicated app that you can download from Google Play.Another possibility is the smiley image files have been deleted from .