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Are you thinking of creating your own online dating profile and hopefully find love in the process?If you do then keep reading to get clues on what women look for when browsing through their prospects.It wasn’t until Style asked me to teach my Online Game 1.0 at a conference with hundreds of people attending that I decided I needed to backwards engineer this aspect of my game.

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They still want honesty, integrity, humor and a responsible man to make them happy.And those things are what you need to reflect on your profile in order to cinch a date or two.To be completely honest though, I decided to move forward with his advice, half because I figured what the hell, anything is worth a shot, and the other half thinking I can expose this guy and those replies a probably his best friends backing him up.So, I diligently followed his advice, word for word.But first of all, here are the Seven Killer Online Dating Tips for Men.

For women, on the other hand, the way to their good graces is through humor.

Hey brother, Bravo here, chances are if you are reading this page you have heard of me.

Whether it was when I was working for Neil Strauss (aka Style) for the last few years as his HEAD COACH and you are one of the thousands of men I have worked with across the world, perhaps you just finished reading The Game and after scanning some lame PUA sites found your way here, or maybe you were at a PUA SUMMIT, or Steve P.’s seminar where I taught a section of my online game program.

I routinely have girls I am hooking up with thru out the week, who contacted me FIRST online, come over to my place and hook up, and I never even have to step foot out the door!

I also believe that I am developing the future of Pick Up.

This video is posted in the PRIVATE Online Game section I incorporated the program into my already KICKASS forum where I and many other advanced and aspiring PUAs post.