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All of a sudden, you realized you couldn't even really know another person until you saw him or her do Nothing. Yes, they do Nothing on television, do it in a way all others envy. To sate our curiosity, the four principal cast mates agreed to let themselves be watched not doing very much.By name and role, they are Michael Richards, as the peculiar neighbor Kramer; Jason Alexander, as the desperate friend George Costanza; Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as the platonic heroine Elaine Benes; and Jerry Seinfeld, as himself, more or less, the calm center around which all manner of Nothing revolves.

"George is Larry David's id," says Larry Charles.

"He embodies all the dark impulses that Larry David has occasionally acted upon." Alexander frets: "There are times when George walks the line of really being kind of hateful, but ultimately his heart's in the right place." Indeed, Seinfeld has said that a George spinoff could only be titled , but he's definitely not a loser."NOBODY PLAYS JASON ALEXANDER IN REAL LIFE. "I'm doing things in this car you have no idea are going on!

My father is eighty-three years old and has a full head of black hair! "Maybe he's not my father."WHY GEORGE IS ALSO A SEX SYMBOL.

When George is seen with a woman, she is usually a remarkable woman.

His daughter is moving out and into her first apartment, and men have come to take away her things. It's fascinating." For summer, there has been a haircut, although, fresh out of bed, it looks spry as ever. At forty-three, Richards is genially divorced from his wife of eighteen years, who is, conveniently, a family therapist.

"I want to watch them," he says, "because this is comedy, you know." Richards watches for comedy everywhere and always sees it. "This place is basically just for me," he says, showing me ongoing renovations. " Meanwhile, he has already eaten his own purloined tangerine, which he found pleasantly sweet. Calvin Klein said of Kramer, "His buttocks are sublime." This happened in the episode where Kramer creates a fragrance called the Beach, which recalls beach smell; Calvin Klein (played by an actor) appropriates the concept for a new scent called Ocean and repays Kramer by photographing him for an underwear ad."George gets great women," says Alexander, eating tuna. For the first three seasons, Jerry was very uncomfortable being an actor.He didn't want to do anything he didn't feel comfortable doing, like getting angry or having a romantic scene."He can break one second down into a hundred distinct parts," says Seinfeld, who enjoys watching him do anything. Fabio is sitting on the other side of the restaurant, and this is who he is: Fabio is the Perfect Man, impossibly attractive, whose long-haired, bare-chested likeness has appeared on the cover of hundreds of romance paperbacks. "He's a handsome man," says Alexander, appreciatively, blowing his nose.(Richards would rather do funny than say funny.) On Fridays, the bad early Eighties comedy show for which he was best known, Richards did things like burn plastic soldiers and wear dresses. His heroes are Chaplin and Tati, and he aspires to make comic short-subject films in which he can frequently fall down: "I would love to do things in the area of Sellers." Onscreen this summer, he will be the first human encountered by the Coneheads. "We don't know too much about Kramer's personal life," he says, predicting the disclosure of a former Mrs. Mostly, however, he wishes Kramer would leave more. "Yeast is good for your hair."WOODY ALLEN ATE NO YEAST HERE. He is a younger man than George, who he figures is "pushing forty, I'd say." Alexander is thirty-three, pink and elfin, given at any time to sudden bursts of singing and dancing. "Actually, he's a very good friend of mine, Fabio.What follows are details of how each of them rose to a pronounced lack of occasion. He leaves his bed to open the door, which he does slowly, unlike Kramer, who prefers his doors flung with velocity. " he said, for instance, upon his first Seinfeld entrance four years ago.