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Recognition to the effort extended by social networking sites, because connecting people around the globe has come to reality.

Reaching out someone has been a normal task for those who are away from home and the problem of communication has become a thing in the past.

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After controlling for age, high levels of post-divorce inter-parental conflict are associated with less positive views of marriage among adolescents.

One study of adolescents after a parental divorce reported that many children fear that their future marriages will lack love, trust, or communication, and that they will be beset by infidelity, conflict, or abuse.

It can also cause a broken relationships because of lack of time spend together.

Social networking can lead into a serious problem if not done in moderation.

They also worry that their marriages will fail or that their spouse will abandon them, In her study of children of divorced parents from Marin County, California, Judith Wallerstein found that the children of divorced parents still had persistent anxiety about their chances of a happy marriage a decade after their parents’ divorce.

This anxiety interfered with their ability to marry well: Some failed to form satisfying romantic ties, while others rushed impulsively into unhappy marriages.Social networking web sites are empowering the development brought by medical institution and science and technology.Even though people made social networking sites as an important factor in keeping bonds, it still has negative aspects that are susceptible to any threats.This negative attitude about marriage leads to decreased commitment to romantic relationships, which in turn is related to lower relationship quality.and those who casually date exhibit “the strongest effects of parental divorce, suggesting that the repercussions of parental divorce may be in place before the young adults form their own romantic relationships.” The divorce of their parents makes dating and romance more difficult for children as they reach adulthood.The social media and other social networking sites turn out to be a major part of our civilization.