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The Vinča symbols, sometimes called the Vinča signs, Vinča script, Vinča-Turdaș script, Old European script, etc., are a set of symbols found on Neolithic era (6th to 5th millennia BC) artifacts from the Vinča culture of Central Europe and Southeastern Europe.

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Yes, Tallinn has all the fairy-tale charms you'd expect, but with surprising twists by way of shiny new skyscrapers and appealingly modern eateries, it stands out from other Baltic cities.

Artsy and energetic, filled with young backpackers, Tallinn is a great (and budget-friendly) escape.

Most of the inscriptions are on pottery, with the remainder appearing on ceramic spindle whorls, figurines, and a small collection of other objects.

Over 85% of the inscriptions consist of a single symbol.

Dubrovnik, Croatia On the southern tip of Croatia, situated along the bluer-than-blue Adriatic Sea, is Dubrovnik, a holiday town famed the world over.

Although its winding streets and ancient city walls see countless tourists (mainly of the yachting type) in warmer months, it's still an incredible destination, packed with art and history museums, picturesque views and some of Europe's best beaches.

The Danube River winds through the city and a small but bustling Old Town is filled with tourist sights, from red-roofed homes to pleasant sidewalk cafes in shaded art nouveau plazas.

Elsewhere, find even more to like about the city, including (surprisingly) some of Europe's best modern art galleries.

Krakow, Poland Krakow manages to be simultaneously one of Europe's most exciting and active city centers as well as Poland's most somber historical spot.

Museums, the Schindler factory and the remnants of the Jewish Quarter tell Poland's history, while at the same time, the Old Town and Main Market Square overflow with modern cafes, clubs and shops.

Markets, museums, churches and expansive parks make up the rest, with much for travelers to uncover.