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Why not take that vinyasa yoga class at you've been wanting to attend for the past month at Yogalife Studios and release that toxic energy.

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Each meet is in a secret location announced via their Instagram page.

You never know, a special someone from the group will want to collaborate and get to know more about your camera, but more importantly..

If your answer is "yes," then check out the November Project Canada Fitness Group, it was originally founded in Boston but has made its way to Edmonton.

Runners meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to embark on runs throughout the city.

via @zubinsandhu The Harvest Room is located inside Edmonton’s Fairmont Hotel Mac Donald that overlooks the North Saskatchewan River.

With this restaurant comes a warm atmosphere and features specialties such as Alberta beef, fresh produce, fine wines, and not to mention the handsome men draped in tailored suits that sit from across the bar.

Not only is it fun, but you get to meet new people along the way. via @99tenyeg With hip-hop being the primary genre among the millennial crowd, and with 9910 being the Friday night hot spot, why not use it to bring Edmonton's hip-hop community together and allow them to channel their inner Jay-Z.

Ladies, round up the girls for the guy performing that Jay-Z track, is always looking for his Beyoncé@tinamonz Whether you're sitting front row at Western Canada Fashion Week or waiting in line at the lobby to get a drink at PARKSHOW, that special guy could be amongst the crowd.

via @lexusofedmonton Grab your all white outfit and engage in the largest picnic that you'll ever witness in your life!

Dinner En Blanc is a picnic that takes place in a public setting where Edmontonians can come together and meet for a "chic picnic" inspired by French culture and glamour.

If you love photography or want to learn more about what your camera can do, come to an Urban YEG insta meet founded by Chan Rin.