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Gemini (May 21- June …[ read more ] Whats Your has been hard at work improving overall site performance and speed with one goal in mind: helping you get the first date of your dreams!First Impressions A good first impression can make all the difference!Along those lines of economic mindset, I’m wondering how else it helps give you an edge.

One of them is to think about where you can find a big market for the type of person you’re looking for.

It’s what an economist would call, “looking for a thick market.” What you want to do is think about whether you would rather be on or on some little local dating site, because the choices are going to be much greater.

_____ Paul Oyer I think there are a few simple principles that economics would provide for you.

They’re not earth-shattering, but they’re certainly helpful.

We’ve compiled a list of first date rules that may not be as black and white as they seem.

Would you break any of these dating …[ read more ] Whether mercury is in retrograde or not, your zodiac is forever.You have to balance the fun versus serious carefully because people will do what we call, “statistically discriminate.” They’ll assume certain attributes about you if you don’t specifically address them if you have certain other attributes. I was separated rather than divorced when I started online dating. They make assumptions that you’re not really over your marriage yet or that you might go back to your ex-wife.That made me less popular than I would’ve been as a result.Find sites like Cupid or other large dating sites where the choices are going to be much greater.Having said that, you’re focusing on a market that is a little more directed at a certain type of consumer.There are all these niche dating sites that fail the basic idea of having the thickest market possible. Our talents in terms of our matchmaking is South Asians, predominately Indian-American.