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Her charges from the original arrest were amended on Thursday once the medical examiner's report was released.

She is now charged with second-degree murder, unauthorized disposal of a corpse, child neglect, possession of a controlled dangerous substance-meth and obstructing an officer.

One of the bags had some of Holder's unidentified items and mail addressed to him.

'Often there is just more than you can do anything with.Sometimes you won't find things, but when you do find things you don't have enough hands to carry it all.'So I take things to work, give them to my family and my friends.Green was arrested in April after police searched the home where she was living with her three young children.She was arrested on charges of child neglect after officers found her home to be unsanitary and unfit for the children.'When I started doing it I couldn't believe I could get all this food for free from a bin – it was amazing.

The more and more places I found, the bigger the hauls and the more stable it could be as a lifestyle – now I'd say 75 per cent of what I eat comes from a bin.'I never have to shop and am really reticent to buy things now, because I know if I wait long enough I will just find it in a bin.'Mel said dumpster diving is 'very beneficial' for her income and spending as food is the thing she was spending most of her money on.

I like nice food as much as the next person and it's really nice to be able to share good food with people.'People are always surprised when I tell them the food is from bins, and some of them might be a bit grossed out.

Others can't believe it came from a bin, and want to know where I go.'The diving has allowed her to save a staggering 20 a year – almost ,000 in the four years she has been bin diving.

The feds busted a Brooklyn postal worker for an epic snail mail fail of not delivering almost 3,000 items.

Authorities say they recovered about 2,800 pieces of mail from a Crown Heights dumpster and stowed inside Vincent Holder Jr.'s home — and that was just "a conservative estimate." Holder's no return to sender bender allegedly lasted between June 2015 and April 2017 during assignments with an East Flatbush station and a Bath Beach station, court papers say.

The carrier delivered himself to law enforcement on Monday and was released from Brooklyn federal court on a ,000 bond. Queens mailman admits to swiping G worth of packages According to a filing on Holder's arrest, the postal service's Office of Inspector General received information last month about undelivered mail in a Crown Heights dumpster.