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Privacy, darling Every once in a while, we all need a space of our own – a place to hide away and watch Netflix for days on end.

They seemingly have no risk of their guys cheating on them and these guys are apparently not the type who prefer women of their own nationality.

There are no photos of any of these people, though. From what I've assessed, cases of American women choosing Frenchmen exclusively as their mates outnumber cases of American men choosing French women.

But a word of warning: A non-Frenchman reading the book might feel (sexually) inferior to these dashing princes of Gallic charm that are mentioned as the husbands, and me, I felt envious of the physical endowments of the women mentioned who were lucky enough to get these French husbands.

They are described as being like something out of a beauty pageant.

’ question because you’re living together, under the same roof, probably no more than three metres apart at any given moment (thanks Landlord).

Funnyman Eric Andre has pulled some stunts in his day but apparently being booed up with Rosario Dawson (on Valentine’s Day at that) is not one of them.

’ question, but that’s as far away as it’s going to get.

Okay, you still have the dilemma of the ‘your room or my room or the kitchen table?

I reccommend Polly Platt's book "Love a la Francaise".

I ordered mine from and it goes into the whole history of what makes the French irresistable to some Americans in the area of "l'amour".

Does anyone have insight or experience in dating the French?