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What might be reasonable in one context may not be in another.

An airport baggage handler who could not lift over 25 pounds, however, could not reasonably rely on the same help.In the latter instance, the assistant would be performing a substantial portion of the individual's job.Instead, the law provides an exception if accommodation would cause "undue hardship" to the employer's business.The ADA therefore strikes a balance -- between the accommodations an employee needs or desires in order to meet the requirements of a certain job, and the investment and modifications an employer must make in order to accomplish those accommodations.Your Detour To A Stress-Free Life How To Bounce Back Better Of course, knowing when to say is also important.

In a 2012 survey of employers by the job placement firm OI Partners, being a team player -- as in, flexible and helpful -- was the top-valued quality in an employee. A 2011 study found that couples who reported a high level of generosity in their relationship were five times more likely to say their marriage was very happy.

If you believe that your rights may have been violated under the ADA in the employment context or you are an employer who wants to ensure your compliance legal assistance can help.

Contact a local attorney for a free initial claim review to learn more about your rights and obligations under the law.

Women may have a harder time saying no, psychologists and sociologists theorize, because of the way we're raised to value connections.

"Even if you are a very successful person, you're not going to feel great unless your relationships are harmonious," Cohen-Sandler says.

In making a "reasonableness" determination, courts do look at the essential functions of the job in questions.