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Why they are living in here is because there is no stepping outside those Colonies, for on the other side of those walls awaits nefarious nature, striving to wipe off their existence parasites, if you will.

Even if those walls are barely enough to hold off the worst, it doesn't hold off those other inhabitants of this atmosphere, those known as the Beasts.

Vic is one talented voice actor he great as Kurz Weber, Burter, Spirit "Death Scythe" Albarn, Kasuka Heiwajima, Tenkai, Folken Fanel, Junpei Iori, Fai D.

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Vic has done a great job so far as this casual, yet coolheaded uncle of Ruby and Yang's.

Volume 3 in general marked the point where the quality of RWBY's voice work got very good; sure, it improved somewhat by Volume 2, though 3 was when vocal evolution truly kicked in for me. Once again, Happy Birthday Vic Mignogna aka the Jingle Master!

Mankind is only a tiny race struggling to survive and exist on the surface of their world.

As the bottom of the food chain, they've set out to live in what they call Colonies, small regions they've locked themselves into, varying between cities built inside mountains, beneath or on the surface of the seas, and some daringly in the middle of bald, plain terrain, confined by huge walls towering high above their heads.

I eagerly await the When him and Caitlin Glass voice Superman and Lois Lane Together..... My top 10 favourite roles his are: 1.) Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) 2.) Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club) 3.) Spirit "Death Scythe" Albarn (Soul Eater) 4.) Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic! ) 6.) Luciano Bradley (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) 7.) Burter (Dragon Ball Z) 8.) Yellow Radio (Accel World) 9.) Bui (Yu Yu Hakusho) 10.) Inugamigyobudanuki Tamazuki (Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan) I also really liked his performance as Melzargard in One Punch Man, now that is a good example of Vic massively playing against type.

His Silver Mask was also pretty good, and very fitting considering he basically is playing the evil cousin of a character voiced by Aaron Dismuke.

"You can't be two places at once," the character's friend says.

Rather than doing the sensible thing and cancelling one of the dates, the character tries to keep both, going back and forth between the two dates without letting either know what's going on.

What I was going for was an overly-dramatic, mind-numbingly CHEEZY first scene, like those ones in real anime. (BTW Ed and Hana KNOW EACH OTHER before this haha, her and I have a little story so they don't just randomly hook up.) I think it's worth watching, and it has a funny ending. I don't care what people think about 'fan pairings' because come on, this was all for fun and I hope you enjoy!

Don't you hate it when friends ruin a very romantic, but very CHEESY moment?

They've gone from playing brother to each other's nemesis. XD Also congrats on landing the role of Sabo in One Piece!