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In fact, Diddy wasn't even known as Diddy back then — he was Puff Daddy.After her 1998 divorce from Ojani Noa, Jennifer famously dated Diddy for almost a year and a half in 1999, and together, they weathered through getting arrested and alleged infidelities on Diddy's part. Back in December 1999, the rapper and his girlfriend were arrested in New York and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and of stolen property in connection with a nightclub shooting.

“Drake and Jennifer Lopez are officially cuddling on camera…

but this pose looks too good for us to believe it’s anything but genius marketing.

Rap star Puff Daddy today vowed he would 'always love' his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. I went to the party because I was invited and I was in town.

The couple split during his six-week guns-and-bribery trial but came face-to-face for the first time on Sunday night in Los Angeles at an after-Oscars party. I was looking forward to seeing her.'Combs walked free earlier this month at the end of the trial which could have seen him face up to 15 years in prison if he had been found guilty of gun possession and attempting to bribe witnesses after a shooting in a New York nightclub in December 1999.

For example, when she was dating Sean “Diddy” Combs, she made hip-hop tinged music.

When she was dating Ben Affleck, her music had a more pop, mainstream flair.

'I will always love her.'Combs said the end of the trial had forced him to re-evaluate his life, as well as drop his Puff Daddy alias. Diddy, a name given him by murdered rapper Biggie Smalls, also known as the Notorious B. I do not know exactly what the image is going to be,' he said.'There are so many things that this situation has taught me. It has made me appreciate life and appreciate everything I have even more.'Combs said his major regret was going to the nightclub on the night of the shooting with Lopez.'If I could have done anything, I would have just stopped at home,' he said.

'I would never have come up with this bright idea.'I had the most beautiful thing at home.

It sounds like things between the two are getting very serious, and very quickly!

Do you believe the rumors about J-Lo and Drake dating, or do you think this is just a “showmance”?

, the reason people think that J-Lo and Drake are dating is because, this morning, they each posted the same “snuggly” picture together on their respective Instagrams.