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Her school received a 'good' rating from Ofsted and inspectors said the pupils' behaviour had 'improved'.

But the head teacher has described 'inexcusable attitudes' from children, often starting at younger ages.

She wrote: 'The fact five students this year have lost their places is unprecedented but I will not tolerate and never will tolerate extremes of poor behaviour that risk spoiling the school and the valuable education it provides for the majority of really wonderful students that attend here.'More students now are ignoring the school's rules on use of mobile phones, choosing to openly use them in front of staff without fear of consequence, refusing to comply with instructions to put them away and often refusing confiscations.'We had several incidents where parents actively fought on behalf of the child against the school, even when it has been found through investigation evidence their child was in breach of the behaviour policy.'She said the behaviour of most pupils has been 'exemplary', but that there has been 'a growing number of students who do not believe the school has a role or a right' to tackle bad behaviour.

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It was given a 'good' score in all four areas of inspection: acheivement, teaching, behaviour and leadership.

The reported stated: 'Students' behaviour and safety are good. Relationships are supportive, harmonious and respectful.'It said of Ms Mc Gowan: 'The headteacher has provided the necessary motivation and impetus to engage all staff in the process of school improvement.' The report said the school was not given an 'outstanding' rating due to top pupils not being stretched and how work was marked.'I am not defending bad behaviour, but I am defending the children this school is letting down.Very easy defence to blame parents when in reality some of us do a very good job and are very concerned how our children turn out.'Gemma Hastings added: 'My daughter is in year seven and has always loved school, but since being here a few months she's asked me a number of times to move schools and she never wants to go to school.'In my eyes they are failing my daughter, but the head teacher has the cheek to come on here and blame us parents for her school having problems.'But others backed the head's stance, with Nicky Veitch saying: 'Good for her, rules are made for a reason.'As for parents backing their children, it's just bad parenting from stupid people, what are they going to do when their precious children start work.' Emmie Nundi added: 'It's about time a head teacher stood up to these teens with stinking attitude problems and it won't get better unless all adults involved in their life's agree on the rules and stick to them.'Mixed messages won't do them any favours, I know if my kids do something wrong at school I tell the school to punish them how they see fit, because if they we like it at home it would be no different.' Ms Mc Gowan wrote the letter to parents after five pupils were expelled from the school this year.At the end of the day it's your responsibility.'I know there's people in Amy's class who can be disruptive. Probably not.'Some parents' attitude is 'you can't tell my child off'.When I was at school whatever the teacher said went.'Ex-pupil Sonia Robertson home-schools her daughter, saying the school has 'gone down hill'. My daughter used to go here and now she's being home schooled, but she's coming back to sit her GCSEs.'If anything goes wrong in school they automatically blame the parents or they ring you up and say come and get them.'I think parents do back teachers up, but they just want an easy life.'The headteacher's comments have received a mixed response among people in the local area.Thanks to all of the people who have made me look like a bona fide banger over the course of my modeling career! They’ve made me a very diverse model, and I adore them for that. I look forward to connecting with all you beautiful, talented, incredible people!