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Has anybody got any news, seeing that the game is getting launched next week. I would expect the beta profile to work fairly well in the final release, if not perfect; assuming blizzard isn't making any major changes to the rendering engine. I suppose it is one of the biggest releases of the year if not the decade. Hello Guys, I am new to diablo 3 ( never played diablo 2 or any other before ) and i am new to tridef 3d, too.

I have the beta profile, but probably wont work on the official release. If it doesn't work though, the Tri Def guys don't have privileged access, they have to wait for launch just like the rest of us (at least, this is my understanding). I trust the Tridef guys will come up with something. I bought diablo 3 together with a s23a700d and since 5.30 AM i play the game. Only in the start menu, there is some kind of 3d error. but in the game itself i could not find something like that, yet.

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We still regard MIPS as unproven technology unless you have a helmet that couples so closely to your head that you can't move it even a quarter inch. For the US market the CPSC standard is required by law for any bicycle helmet.Without comparative test data we usually do not know if a particular model exceeds the requirements of the standard and offers superior protection.And, OMG, i have never seen such a great 3d effekt in a computer game !!! I just dragged the diablo3 icon into the tridef launcher and i could select diablo3.it feels like you can reach directly into the screen and grab the figures. execpt of this little 3d-bug in the start-menu of the game i described before, it works fine.The MOSS profiles are created when users are imported into the system from AD or LDAP.

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