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According to Hohl, Spark Starter is currently in discussions with companies interested in partnering with the startup to launch its service overseas, while also looking into ways to do expand on its own.

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A service like Spark Starter allows those in relationships to get in on the fun, and essentially doubles the potential reach of the platform.

However, the idea of letting friends play Cupid online isn’t exactly new.

There is plenty of money to be made in online dating, but the market is incredibly saturated, with huge, post-IPO incumbents and, as a result, very high user-acquisition costs.

But we think How About We is a company you should actually pay attention to.

My Mate Your Date, an Australian startup launched last year, essentially does the same thing as Spark Starter.

However, Spark Starter has already gained more traction than its Australian counterpart, and has also attracted financing from unnamed investors in Minnesota and San Francisco.

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“We found that matchmakers were making up right around 50 per cent of our user base, and interestingly enough were actually engaging even more than the singles.

This is when we knew we were really on to something,” Hohl said. After all, the online dating market excludes a significant portion of the population.

“There was obviously a reason a mutual friend decided to set you up, and it’s up to you to evaluate your friend’s matchmaking skills.