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So for all you ladies, sorry, he has his hands full as it is! Why shouldn't a soldier semi-forced to pose with a politician -- any politician -- find a way to indicate his disapproval?Not only do I completely LOVE this photograph, I also have it as my screen saver on my desktop besides I think he's beautiful too. This seems like a subtle and fairly respectful way to indicate disapproval, or so it seems to me.

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All I know is, if he really is the guy in the profile and the profile is truthful, I'm gonna keep my eyes open for him.Not only is it awesome what he did, but he's GORGEOUS! Why would he use the internet photo with the red circle around his hand as his primary (and only) personals photo? This guy is a friend of mine and he did the red circle.You have to understand he is joker and yes he is from TX. He laughs at all the stink'n liberal comments out there and we talk about his fame on the internet.If this is all he did during his elistment, in insulting Hillary right under her nose, that is a fulfilled enlistment to me.This specialisation enables us to provide our UK and international clients with the highest levels of personal service, combined with the.

Description: 2 GENUINE DESMO BADGE BAR CLIPS DATING FROM @ THE 'S IN VERY . Is there a reference anywhere for dating old RAC badges?I've a fair selection, some metal, some plastic, all different ages, but it'd be handy to More results from Snopes has a listing about a photo that shows a soldier shaking hands with Hillary Clinton while his fingers are crossed.The crossed fingers thing is a signal to his buddies, who have the same training, that he is in the situation under duress. Does it matter whether someone made up the Yahoo profile? She's not the one that earned her college money by killing babies with an assault rifle, after all.This would not be the first time that US military personnel have used photo-ops to be cheeky.A close inspection of my brother and that guy from Clearwater will reveal the truth.