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Vikings realized their bloody campaigns to escape from domestic tyranny.Feminists’ homeland Apparently, Norwegian women began to show their imperious character in the days of Vikings.

By the way, the national costume played a significant role in it. It can be said, that the costume was a “face” of a woman, demonstrating her skills as crafter.

To this day, every Norwegian has one or more national costumes.

Huge blue-eyed savages was famous not only for looting and robberies: legends preserved the memory of beautiful maidens with whom they fell in love. First of all, they are full hostesses of the house.

When the host was absent, the authority of a woman is undeniable.

Here, the state takes care of the mother and the child in every sense of the word.

Single mother gets double child support, benefits to pay the apartment, utilities and many other nice bonuses.

In addition, the Norwegians really love stones-minerals.

They are very clever with them, and they skillfully decorate their homes with them.

That’s then when they became how we can see them today.

For three centuries, Vikings had kept Europe in suspense.

Today, they do not wear it on a date, but during the holidays.