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For a time, he even underwent ascetic training in India.

Apple’s groundbreaking products changed the world again and again.

Jobs founded Apple in the 1970s, when he was still in his twenties.

But to regard Jobs as nothing more than an outstanding CEO and gifted public speaker fails to do him justice.

His true genius lay in the fact that, more than anyone else, Steve Jobs created the culture and new markets of the early twenty-first century.

He was also instrumental in slashing the cost of laser printers, making them commercially viable for the first time and opening the door for the desktop publishing revolution.

When he was ousted from the company he had founded in the mid-1980s, he used his temporary absence to found Pixar, which was instrumental in developing the new genre of computer-animated movies.

” It was a question that occasionally pushed him into making tough decisions.

This point of view had much in common with Zen dialogs.

Jobs’s exacting craftsmanship, which regarded simplicity as a virtue and insisted on a perfectionist attention to detail, won Apple a particularly enthusiastic following in Japan.

And the CEO himself maintained a great fondness for Japan throughout his life. Put up for adoption as an infant, he embarked on a lengthy search for himself as a young man.

Jobs continued to be fascinated by the Sōtō sect of Zen.