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The account gets setup during your visit once you let us know how you like to receive the results. You have access to the results at any time and any place. The window period for antibodies to develop after infection can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.

Herpes is a common infection and can be caught easily.

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Jenelle Marie Davis, 34, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, will gladly explain why having herpes isn’t the end of the world. It took years for Davis, founder of The STD Project, which encourages awareness and acceptance of various sexually transmitted diseases, and spokesperson for Positive Singles, a dating site for people with STDs, to come to terms with the diagnosis she got at age 16.“My mom says the entire way home from my appointment, I cried and said no one would ever love me, no one would ever want me, and I’d never get married,” Davis tells SELF.

When she was diagnosed with herpes almost three years ago, Whitney Carlson, 29, a social media editor in Chicago, had a similar reaction.

It takes 2 to 3 week after the initial infection before the test will show up positive.

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Around two-thirds of people worldwide under age 50 have herpes simplex 1, according to the World Health Organization, and around one in every six Americans between ages 14 and 49 has genital herpes, usually caused by herpes simplex 2, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Both Davis and Carlson eventually moved past their initial panic and saw herpes for what it is: an infection many people have that happens to usually get passed through sexual contact.HSV-1 affect about 65% of Americans and usually it cause cold scores in and around the mouth.Many people are not aware they have herpes because they have never noticed or had any symptoms. HSV-1 causes sores in or around the mouth which can be painful.The virus stays in your body for the rest of life and symptoms can come and go. HSV-1 mostly infects the oral area and HSV-2 the genital area (near the sex organs).HSV-1 is more common than HSV-2 and about 80% of Americans are positive for HSV-1. The CDC estimates that more than 45 million Americans have HSV-2.But all the self-acceptance in the world doesn’t erase the fact that a herpes diagnosis creates ripple effects of shame and social isolation, and the fallout is especially pronounced when it comes to your dating life.“It’s good to have the conversation because there is a potential risk of transmission,” Cherrell Triplett, M.