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The resource line should not replace calling 911 in case of an emergency or any other 24-hour emergency crisis hotline.Many victims avoid using the criminal justice system when experiencing family violence, for valid reasons.Unexplained signs of injury Untreated physical problems such as bed sores Behavior from the elder that mimics dementia such as rocking, sucking or mumbling to oneself Broken bones, sprains or dislocations Caregiver’s refusal to allow you to see the elder alone Torn, stained or bloody underclothing Unusual weight loss, malnutrition or dehydration Unsanitary living conditions such as dirt, bugs, soiled bedding and clothes The “Where’s The Line?” campaign is a first-of-its-kind effort designed to increase awareness of family violence and to change the behaviors of individuals who may be witnessing such acts.” to offer resources that can educate the general public, answer questions and triage requests to appropriate services.

The main objective of the campaign is to give bystanders in central Ohio a resource to safely and appropriately help victims.Elder abuse is any act that causes harm or threatens the risk of harm to a person 60 years of age or older.Elder abuse may be physical, sexual, financial, verbal or emotional in nature and may also include neglect or exploitation.Because of this, a community response is necessary.Below are three common concerns that prevent bystanders from responding and several ways the campaign addresses those concerns.I recognize that something is going on that looks like family violence.