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Flippa listing link When a Flippa listing title reads: “AUTOMATIC WEB BUSINESS THAT EARNS 00 WEEKLY NO RESERVE”, it’s going to draw some attention.

And that’s exactly what did back in 2009, earning the seller a cool 8,190 in the process.

The seller said that the site was a full web business and its development, including software product, represented a ,000 investment.Then they disclosed that the website made 4,000 in its very first month with minimal marketing and zero affiliate sales.If that was the case – and I’m by no means saying it wasn’t – why let it go for such a low price?A quick visit today sees you directed to Commission Robotics dot com and an auto play video promoting its ‘traffic robots’. Let us know in the comments section if it was money well spent… Flippa listing link The domain was registered way back in 1996 and had been successfully operated by Activelifestyle Travel Network until it was sold in December 2012.A domain name, or web address, is an address where you can be found online.

It's how you'll express yourself through email or your website and it's what customers think of when trying to find you. No longer bound to country level or very generic domains, website owners can now choose to have an address that speaks specifically about who they are and what they do.Domains such as .dating, .club, and .london make it easy for your website visitors to know exactly what you are offering, allowing you to get your message across much quicker.A quick perusal of the listing’s comments and you’ll see that the seller had initially set a reserve price of 0,000 and had hinted that they wanted 0,000 ideally.However, rather oddly, the seller then decided that the site would be a good ‘fixer up’ project for someone and removed the reserve all together. You can host your website on any hosting that meets our requirements like you can use our free hosting.