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As Jonathan steps into the airlock and approaches, the figure stops his sabotage and slowly turns partially around.

It's Brody, the personal trainer for the ship I remember watching this years ago on the Disney Sunday Night Movie.

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But as the departing starship gets under way, signs begin to emerge that their mission may unwittingly be part of a larger conspiracy.

The ship supposedly catches up with radio waves broadcast from Earth in the past.

The Atlantic Ocean is the fourth release from American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Richard Swift.

Celebrated for his lo-fi, experimental mélanges saluting genres from Doo-Wop to lush American Pop, Swift adds jaunty synthesizers and Motown soul to make Ocean his most danceable record to date.

The fact that the ship is on a 40 year mission is a great plot device to introduce young crew members, who are being groomed to take over the helm of leadership half way through the voyage.

Over the years, I've thought often about this movie, especially after watching a disappointing major release like "Phantom Menace".This premiered at the same time as "Star Trek: The Next Generation", which has gone into the annals of TV history as an SF classic, however, at that point most fans were already appalled and disgusted at the Wesley Crusher character being given so much screen time.(It seemed ridiculous that a ship manned by hundreds of intelligent, capable adults constantly needed the help of a preteen to save them from their weekly dilemmas.) On the other hand, "Earthstar Voyager" deals with the subject of precocious scientific youngsters in a believable, understandable way, therefore winning the interest of young and mature viewers alike.It makes me appreciate the fact that Disney made such a worthwhile, fun movie with good characters and plot line on a well defined, yet modest (by Lucas standards) budget. My friend taped "Earthstar Voyage" when it aired, but the tape was destroyed. A collaboration with producer Mark Ronson on track "Ballad of Old What's His Name" features the talents of Ryan Adams, Mark Ronson, Sean Lennon and Pat Sansone of Wilco, a strange pairing of musicians, producing beautiful results.