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But of course there can be difficulties and disappointments too.You can’t expect or want your boyfriend or girlfriend to change and become like you – meet in the middle instead. There’s different groups within cultures, with different Image from Flickr by fredcamino We like sharing!The problem with stereotyping people is that we don’t fully get to know each other as individuals. Maybe you’ve heard of stereotypes like these: Asians, Greeks, Whites, Lebanese, Aborigines, Arabs, Sudanese…

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It isn’t fair to compete with your mate in a way that they aren’t cut out for, especially when you know you are wrong.If your partner was raised with working women, it isn’t fair to expect her to keep up a home in the same fashion as your female relatives who were stay-at-home mothers, knowing she may not have the time, energy, or training, to do so.Older people might have to give their approval for the couple to get together in a relationship.They may have to get to know each other in the company of older people, or even wait for their marriage to be arranged by their family.In these types of situations, it’s best to be patient with one another, clearly express lifestyle goals, and work together to get there.

A little emotional maturity goes a long way, and throwing a fit when things are not going how you would like is the worst way to resolve cultural differences.

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When you combine two cultures, it’s important to know when you must adapt to the traditions of your significant other.

For example, if you are dating someone who is a Muslim, you have to honor the fact that they aren’t going to have breakfast or lunch with you during Ramadan.

If two people truly are in love, they will go above and beyond what is necessary to transcend their culture and make things work, often by creating a new and improved lifestyle in the process.