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Korean names are generally not transcribed according to one agreed-upon system.

Some say he is the lovechild of Jin-wook and Yoo-mi.His age supports that and the fact that the latter does not want the former to know about him.I can totally see Yoo An In getting lifelong flack for this and ultimately South Korean netizens have very strong opinions about military service and it’s really beyond me to chime in.The 31 year old actor was planning to enlist this year, the tail end of a South Korean male’s enlistment period but one can’t fault a star for delaying enlistment to get as many projects under his belt as possible while his career is hot.This idea, however, seemed like a long shot so fans are pinning their hopes on the producers casting Song Joong Ki for "Train to Busan 2" to replace Yoo.

The actor is also a star on "Descendants of the Sun" and has a proven chemistry with Kyo, should she be picked for the sequel.They were spotted at the airport and also at the hotel by fans, not surprising since both are wildly well known.Both sides have denied they met up in Bali, claiming to be there for work.The previous installment of the hit Korean drama saw Yoo-mi (Song Ji-eun) finally opening herself up to Jin-wook about the night they shared three years ago and allowing herself to take the leap and be with him despite the fact that he is not an "average person," as her best friend Hyun-tae (Kim Jae-young) reminded her.However, their happiness is cut short when Jin-wook's father starts to interfere."Descendants of the Sun" actress Song Hye Kyo told the press that she would love to work with "Train to Busan" actor Gong Yoo (Seok-woo) on a future project.