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The majority of people on JDate are on there to find Jewish people, especially in a time when interaction with other cultures is so much more frequent.It's much more difficult for people to remain culturally Jewish when there's so much interaction between Jews and non-Jews.

"I identify and sympathize with people who have struggled." The 30-year-old Mitchell, who named herself Shiksa so as not to misrepresent her identity, has dated many men since joining the site a year ago, but didn't develop relationships with any of them until recently.

She is now dating a half-Jewish man she met through Jdate, but notes that his involvement in Judaism isn't as strong as hers. "His family celebrates Christmas and no Jewish holidays." For some, however, using sites like JDate as a dating resource is not part of a targeted search for a Jewish partner.

Toner, 26, signed up on about 10 dating Web sites--including personals,,, and JDate.

Though he is a practicing Catholic who goes to church on holidays, "Religion doesn't really factor into the situation," he said.

"It doesn't matter what people believe in," Toner added.

"It matters how they feel about each other." Toner, a manager of a furniture wholesale outlet in Port Jefferson, N.

JDate, the largest and best known of the online Jewish dating services, has more than 500,000 members worldwide.

Of those, more than 5,000 members registered as "from another religious stream"-- read: not Jewish.

However, "it ought not be a segregated Semite preserve." Gail Laguna, vice president of communications at Match, which owns JDate, said that she has received no complaints about non-Jewish members using JDate.

Laguna said that while JDate has no official policy about non-Jews becoming JDate members, the site expects its users to be honest and open about their religious affiliations.

Like other women, Misha Mitchell, who also goes by the screen name "Shiksa," likes the characteristic dark features of many Jewish men, but she said her connection to Jews and Judaism goes beyond physical or personality preferences.