Dating nice guy but not attracted

He's just looking to get what he thinks he's entitled to; and that's really not attractive.

After all, who wants to have a boyfriend who would base his kindness on your attractiveness?

Okay, that explains why women might be attracted to the toxic bad boy. He’ll text you on a Saturday night and ask if you can come over because he misses you (read: have sex with me now because you’re the best option I have at this moment).

In many cases, they will go so far as to befriend a woman in hopes that she will have sex with him.

When it becomes clear that he's not getting a date, he ghosts, lashes out at her, or even gets violent.

I've heard scandals, stories, and more confessions than I know what to do with. Of all the questions I get, one of the most common ones I field from men is the Nice Guy Question.

Usually, it's asked in the following way: Most guys can't figure out why women aren't attracted to nice guys.

Now, you might already notice a lot of reasons why women wouldn't want to date a Nice Guy.

However, it's really important to dish out every aspect of it in detail so that you get a full understanding about why Nice Guys aren't dateable in most women's eyes.

Rather, it's insanely painful for a woman to deal with.

If they deal with that kind of "nice" too often, then it's very possible girls will get burned out from all the guys they speak to.

To make matters worse, most women already realize what the guy's game is because he will give insanely preferential (or even exaggerated) treatment to attractive women over everyone else.

That alone comes off fake, which in turn means that girls already know that he really doesn't care about them at all.

Moreover, they tend to believe that love should involve a "fair chance," even though they themselves wouldn't give an unattractive girl a chance.