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But instead of paying the sum upfront, or a hefty deposit, customers can choose to pay a smaller deposit followed by 11 monthly instalments of about £25.Its cancellations desk sells other families’ abandoned plans at a discount but is only open for two hours each day.

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Others point to the difficulty of booking at peak times (school holidays being the most tricky), as well as the constant need to make the most of the investment – sacrificing the freedom to pick a holiday anywhere at any time.Jacqueline Stinton and her late husband Darrol bought a holiday property bond from HPB Management, the only firm in the market, 25 years ago for £5,000.So I suggested it after I lost my job a few years ago, when I thought money might be tight, especially given holidays were our third biggest cost after the mortgage and childcare.Since then we’ve had a fantastic experience.’A seven-night trip to Majorca in August 2015 is £370 per person – including flights and a stay in a three-star hotel.When a member of one of the websites finds a property they like they can email the owner, or alternatively sit back to see what offers come in for their own home.

When there is a match, owners spend some time agreeing the details – such as the dates of the swap, the care of any pets and any extras included, such as a car.

They pay to list on dedicated websites such as Home Link and Love Home Swap, paying fees of £115 to £200 a year.

They work almost like dating websites – linking homeowners around the world via property profile pages.

Phil Schofield, who works in marketing at Schofields, says: ‘The market has been really promising, offering a great chance to get on the ladder abroad, receive a regular income from holiday letting and generate a profit upon sale.’‘But while holidaying with a friend in Tenerife I struck up conversation with a couple who had purchased a repossessed property.

I was so impressed I put in a cheeky offer for a one-bedroom apartment next door that had foreclosed years earlier – £60,000 below the £110,000 asking price.’He says it is vital to get legal advice when buying and to understand the local purchasing rules.

The court declared that carriers should pay out when a delay was caused by a technical fault.